Migration law
The permit to employ foreign workers and the work permit for the citizens who must obtain a visa.
Work permits for citizens with visa-free entry
Visa support for Russian companies
Visa support for branches of foreign companies
Registration at place of residence
Temporary residence and the residence permit
Second and dual citizenship.
Resolving problems of any difficulty in immigration policy.
Corporate law
Registration of the company (OOO-limited liability company, ZAO, OAO)
Allowance increase for accredited employees of the branch of a foreign company accredited in Russia.
Application for accreditation (work) card of a foreign employee .
Extension of the accreditation period of the branch offices of a foreign company on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Accreditation of the branches of foreign companies on the territory of the Russian Federation.

TAX law

  - Consulting on the matters of taxation of a company and its employees;

  - Examination of tax schemes and effective contracts for the purpose of revealing tax risks.

Arbitration and criminal procedure

  - Protection at pretrial investigation;

  - Protection in courts of all instances;

  - Corporate disputes;

  - Bargains litigation;

  - Public bodies and public officers actions litigation;

  - Representation of creditors during the bankruptcy procedure;

  - Complicated cases.

Civil law

  - Examination and drafting contracts including contracts with foreign contractors;

  - Consulting on Russian civil law implementation;

  - Drafting documents provided by Russian civil law.

Bargains support

  - Examination of the matter and structure of a bargain, revealing tax and other risks

  - Working-out the structure of the deal;

  - Drafting contracts and other supporting documents;

  - Due diligence;

  - Negotiations;

  - Preparation and registration of real-estate transactions.

Labour law

  - Consulting on implementation of labour law;
  - Consulting on labour protection;
  - Drafting labour contracts;
  - Drafting/auditing/keeping of documents provided by labour law;
  - Labour disputes.


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