The Russian Government Regulations No. 682

For the purpose of maintaining the adequate balance of labor resources and furthering the employment of the Russian citizens the Russian Government may establish quotas for issue of work permits to the foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation in accordance with the visa-free immigration regime. The visa-free procedure for entry in the Russian Federation has been established for the citizens of the CIS member-states (except for Georgia and Turkmenistan). The quota is determined depending on the demand in foreign work force and on the political, economic, social and demographic situation.

For the year 2007 the Government established the quota of 6 million work permits to foreign citizens who entered the Russian Federation in accordance with the visa-free entry procedure. This quota does not apply to foreigners – skilled specialists employed as specialists in the area of their qualification (profession) which are specified in the list of professions (specialities, positions) most demanded in the Russian Federation.

The Regulations becomes effective on January 15, 2007


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