Russian Government’s Enactment from the 15th of November, 2006 № 681

As you know, according to the Russian Government’s Enactment from the 15th of November, 2006 № 681 all the companies which enlist the foreign employees, are to notify all the competent state bodies. But, till nowadays this regulation was addressed to the Companies which enlisted non-visa regime employees only. However we’re informed that during the revisions Migration Service’s officials started to demand the presence of such notifies, relevant to visa regime employees, if company enlists such kind of employees. There is no information s about the fines for the absence of such kind of notifies, there’re only reprimands for it and there is no registered blank of notifies relevant to visa –regime countries. That’s why we recommend to use the adapted blank of notify for non-visa countries. So, each company, that enlists foreign employees, must notify the state bodies below:
Territorial Tax Inspection
the Moscow Department of State Employment Service
the Department of Federal Migration Service that produced the Work permit for foreign citizens

Налоговую инспекцию по месту учета организации
Департамент государственной службы занятости населения г. Москвы.
Подразделение Федеральной миграционной службы России, которая фактически оформляла разрешения на работу для иностранных граждан.


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