The Russian Government Regulations

Two regulations, specifying the procedure of visa issue in the RF, were introduced by the Government of Russia recently. From now on a foreign person, irrespective of his/her nationality, to whom visa regulations are applied, can stay in the RF CONTINUOUSLY or IN TOTAL not more than 90 days during each period of 180 days. A corresponding note about this will be made in a visa in Russian.

Thus, annual visas in the former meaning do not exist anymore.

An exception is work visas holders.
There is one more note with reference to Russian visa issuing procedure for a foreign person, located in a country, which is not a country of his/her
citizenship (e.g. the French in the USA). Russian visas for this category from now on will be drawn up only on several conditions, like a residential permit in a country of residence, or reciprocity principle (when a Russian citizen can apply for a French visa in the USA, without any additional conditions).


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