Changes on material delivery in FMS Russia

BAEFF Legal Services informs you that since March, 02nd, 2009 obtaining Employment permit and Work permit will be in DFMS Russia across Moscow (Novinsky boulevard). Official registration of documents in the given structure will be possible on system «one window» ( Employment permit + Work permit). As to registration terms on system «one window» while we do not have acknowledgement from DFMS Russia across Moscow on this question, therefore while it remains for us opened, but we carry on negotiations as soon as possible to receive more accurate information. Also we specify the scheme of registration of allowing documents for regions of the Russian Federation, at present there has passed the information that Employment permits also as well as Work permits will be made out in DFMS of that region in which labour activity by the foreign citizen will be carried out. FMS of Russia (Leningradsky prospect) does not accept documents for both processes. In connection with all aforesaid we ask you to be also attentive at payment of a State Duty for registration of the Employment permit and work permits. We will keep you informed.


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