Certificates on education are not accepted by DFMS without an apostille.

The given requirement is based on:

- Item 22 of the Governmental order of the Russian Federation № 681 from November, 15th, 2006, according to which:

«For obtaining work permit the applicant represents to Department of Federal Migration Service the statement under the form confirmed by Federal Migration Service on which are applied:

Colour photo of the foreign citizen in the size 30 х 40 mm;

Copy of the document on vocational training, the qualification, received by the foreign citizen in the foreign state, or the inquiry on equivalence of such document to the Russian diploma (certificate) on vocational training; ».

- Item 47 of FMS Order № 1 from January, 11th, 2008, according to which:

«47. Copies of official papers which are received in foreign states, and which are represented for work permit reception to the foreign citizen, should be legalised in diplomatic representatives or consular establishments of the Russian Federation abroad if other isn't provided by the international contracts of the Russian Federation.»


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