Long-term visas valid through 5 years

Baeff Business Consult would like to inform you about the new bill that was presented on consideration of the State Duma. The bill gives the possibility of obtaining long-term visas by representatives and employees of the large foreign companies which are carrying out investments in the territory of the Russian Federation, including the companies participating in implementation of projects of creation of the innovative center "Skolkovo" and the international financial center in the Russian Federation.
The bill is directed on granting to foreign citizens of the specified category of possibility of receiving in the Russian diplomatic missions and consular foreign institutions of visas on the basis of direct appeals of authorized federal executive authority without necessity of registration of invitations in territorial bodies of FMS of Russia. These foreigners can receive multi-visas valid through five years instead of one year provided now by the Russian legislation.
Definition of authorized federal executive authority, and also, in case of need, establishment of criteria of definition of the large foreign companies is assigned to the Government of the Russian Federation.


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