Application for accreditation (work) card of a foreign employee .


  1. Written claim for accreditation of a company’s employee in the standard form.
    (This has to be composed on a paper with a company letterhead signed by the head of the branch with the company’s seal.)
  2. Copy of the license for opening the branch, copy of the branch’s accreditation
  3. Bibliographical information
    (This has to be typewritten in Russian with the signature of the head of the branch or an employee of the branch)
  4. Copy of a passport
    (name and picture page and should be clear and distinct)
  5. Two color pictures on matt paper 3X4 cm
  6. A notarized copy of the letter giving the power of attorney to the head of the branch of a foreign company
  7. A notarized copy of the letter of attorney for a an authorized person to act in Federal State Institution (State Registration Chamber) in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation
    (This has to be provided if the authorized person is not the head of the branch.)

    Note: Letters of attorney and resolution letters are only accepted with the signature and powers of the signing persons officially notarized. In the cases where signatures and powers are not notarized, other supplementary documents giving evidence of the information has to be provided



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