Accreditation of the branches of foreign companies on the territory of the Russian Federation.


In respect to accreditation of branches of foreign companies there is regulation, determined by the Decree of the Cabinet Council of the USSR # 1074, November 30 1989 “On the regulation of the opening and of the activities of branches of foreign companies, banks, and organizations in the USSR.” Accreditation is organized by the Registration Chamber of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, which acts on the grounds of the statute, confirmed by the Order of the Ministry of Justice # 192, December 29 1998.

According to the Russian Government Decree # 1419, December 21 1999, since January 2000 the Chamber is in charge of accreditation and handling of the State Registration of the branches of foreign companies accredited on the territory of the Russian Federation. Our company offers you a full scope of services to accredit a company branch in the State Registration Chamber under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. We support the branch employees during their visa process.

A list of documents for opening a branch:

  1. *) A written notice with a request for permission to open a branch of a foreign company in the Russian Federation (typewritten with the signature of an authorized person, with the name, date of opening, address, type of activity of the foreign company, as well as the purpose for opening and tentative duration of the activity of the branch in Russia. You also have to provide plans to cooperate with Russian partners and perspective developments.)
  2. *) A copy of the trade registrar of the country of origin of the foreign company or alternative documents confirming registration of foreign company in accordance with the law of the country where it is located.
  3. *) Statute (constituent agreement) of the foreign company (if the legislature of the country of origin of the foreign company does not demand the presence of the statute (constituent article), then a document proving this legislature must be provided and issued by the authorized organ in the country of origin.
  4. *) The decision of the foreign company on the opening of a branch in the Russian Federation.
  5. *) Original and notarized copy of the status of the branch in the Russian Federation.
  6. *) Recommendation letter from the foreign bank serving the foreign company, with confirmation of its payment capacity (document valid for six months after its date of issue)
  7. Recommendation letter from Russian business partners (should be no less than two letters, written in the free form of the company template, with the banking account details, signed by the heads of the company, and with the company stamp.
  8. *) Notarized copy giving the power of attorney to the head of a branch of the foreign company in the Russian Federation.
  9. A notarised copy of the power of attorney providing the authorized person the rights to act within the framework of Federal State Institution (State Registration Chamber) of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. (This has to be provided if the authorized person is not the head of the branch office.)
  10. A document proving the address of the branch of the foreign company in the Russian Federation (For example, a letter of guarantee or a rental contract with the notarized copy of ownership. In the case of subletting, a contract of the sublet must be provided in addition to the additional documents, confirming the permission to sublet if this is stated in the main contract).
  11. The original document of the agreement with the local authorities in the Russian Federation about the establishing of the branch office (krai, oblast, republic, okrug’s authorities). (This has to be provided if the branch is located outside of the municipal territory of Moscow or St. Petersburg)
  12. Branch information card of a foreign company. (This has to be provided in printed form, signed by the authorized person in two copies.)

    *) All foreign documents are accepted only on the condition that they have a consulate validation mark or an apostil, and only if the international agreement of the Russian Federation does not read the other. All the documents have to be translated and notarized either by the consulate organisation or by a notary. All the documents are valid for one year after the date they have been received, except for clauses 6 and 8.

    Note: Agreement and resolution letters are only accepted with the signature and the authorized power of attorney of the signing persons officially notarized. In the case where signatures and power of attorneys are not notarized, other supplementary documents giving evidence of the information has to be provided (a resolution letter of the appointment of the management, a certificate of appointment, a copy of the registrar with the positions and names of the persons).

    A decree of the branch office is accepted with the signature of the signing person notarised.



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