Extension of the accreditation period of the branch offices of a foreign company on the territory of the Russian Federation.


A list of documents for the extension of a branch office’s period of activity:

  1. A written claim for the extension of an accreditation period of the branch office of a foreign legal entity in the Russian Federation. (This has to be typewritten and bear a number of the certificate, issue date and the purpose of potential extension.)
  2. A copy of the trade registrar or any other document from the registrar’s organisation of the company’s country of origin, which should contain information on the address, authorized people and their powers.
  3. A results report of the branch office of a foreign company for the past accreditation period.
    (In the branch’s standard form, with the head of the branch’s signature)
  4. The original of the accreditation
  5. The original license for the opening of the branch
  6. A notarized copy of the document proving the branch office has been registered in the tax system of the Russian Federation and has been granted a taxpayer’s identification number (INN)
  7. A recommendation letter from the bank serving the company with the prove of its paying capacity
    (this document is valid for six months after being issued)
  8. Letters from Russian banks serving the company’s and branch’s accounts
  9. A notarized copy of the powers of attorney confirming the necessary powers of the head of the branch.
  10. A notazrized copy of the power of attorney given to the authorized person with the rights to act within the Federal State Institution (State Registration Chamber) of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.
    (This has to be provided if the authorized person is not the head of the branch.)
  11. A copy of income tax declaration with the mark of the tax inspection.
    (This has to be signed by the head of the branch and sealed by the branch stamp.)
  12. Branch information card
    (has to be typewritten with the authorized person’s signature).

    *) All foreign documents are accepted only on condition that they have a consulate validation mark or an apostil, and only if an international agreement of Russian Federation does not read the other way. All the documents have to be translated and notarised either by the consulate organisation or by a notary. All the documents are valid for one year after the date they have been received, except for clauses 7 and 9.

    Note: Agreement and resolution letters are only accepted with the signature and powers of the signing persons officially notarized. In the case where the signatures and powers are not notarized, other supplementary documents, providing the evidence of the information has to be provided (resolution letter of appointment of the management, certificate of appointment, copy of the registrar with the positions and names of the persons).



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