New rules of employment “gastarbayter” are prepared by the Federation Council

Legislators wish to oblige the migrants working in Russia on private hiring, to buy special licences or the patents granting on this right. Corresponding amendments to the legislation are prepared by the Federation Council.

As the author of amendments, the vice-president of the Incorporated commission on the national policy at the Federation Council Vladimir Slutsker has told "The RN", now in Russia for physical persons work on hiring from 30 to 40 percent of all driving to the country “gastarbayter” - about 4 million persons. "They build houses, repair apartments, perform works in personal economy, being engaged including the heaviest and not qualified work", - he specifies. Also adds is as much, the quota for foreign workers the next year for the Russian enterprises how many makes. "But if the companies pay taxes, are responsible for residing of the workers physical persons are not burdened by it", - he has noticed.

According to the senator, the main objective of preparing amendments is a deducing of private gardeners, carpenters and nurses from shadow economy and their introduction in a legal field. "Monetary receipts in federal and regional budgets after entering of amendments can make ten billions roubles a year", - believes Slutsker.

As he said, legislative offers are supported by profile departments, including Ministry of Health and social development and FMS.

As has specified Slutsker, it is supposed to enter the licence or the patent with a monthly payment at the rate from 1500 to 2500 roubles. Means from sale of licences or patents can be used on a training for a new profession of the Russians who have lost a workplace, and also internal migration stimulation - an overflow of Russians from regions with higher unemployment in others, for example, from the North Caucasus to the Far East.

However yet it was not possible to receive answers to questions: what mechanism of realisation of the administration bill and where the warranty, what foreigners driving to Russia begin to purchase patents?

"Whom when and as the document who will supervise performance of norm of this law will be issued, it is now discussed with profile departments - FMS and Ministry of Health and social development", - the Federation Council has only told.

Today the migrants working in a private sector, actually break the legislation, the senator for they should make out the labour activity through physical persons on the basis of the general rules, as at an employment in the companies and firms explains. "It means that at them the labour contract with the employer who is a receiving party should be concluded, pays for them taxes, the medical insurance", - he speaks. Also continues - naturally, with physical persons of such contracts nobody concludes. And migrants get "to a shade".

"Unfortunately, it creates a field for corruption. An innovation offered by us - to protect migrants from possible oppressions and bribes from outside corruption", - the senator has added.

Experts basically approve idea. As Olga Vyhovanets has explained the expert of noncommercial fund, to private workers of the power for a long time cannot be risen any more. "They come to Russia, many of them receive the official work permit," getting "into a quota declared by the enterprises. Then illegally work" in-home ", without paying thus any taxes and remaining socially and physically not protected", - she tells.

Thus, the experts consider, the new bill could promote putting in order in this sphere.

Marina Gritsjuk

Publication date: 20.11.2008

Source of the publication: "The Russian Newspaper"


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