How the highly qualified specialists will live in Russia?

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Activity of Regulatory Authorities in the Field of Migration

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Second and dual citizenship

Very often Russian citizens enquire about acquiring a citizenship of a foreign country and are interested in the legitimacy of obtaining a second passport. It is unsurprising that the question has been raised as current law is very convoluted, and the peculiarities of the law are difficult to follow. The Constitution of the Russian Federation (Article 62) as well as the Federal Law “On the citizenship of the Russian Federation” (Article 6) clarifies the notion of dual citizenship.

Work Permit Rules Eased for Managers

 Foreign managers or specialists who fall under certain categories can now bypass migration quotas normally in place for foreign employees, a senior Federal Migration Service official said Tuesday. The official, Oleg Artamonov, told a meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce that his agency was issuing work permits for some Moscow-based foreigners even though Moscow reached its annual quota for foreign employees in late May.

New rules of employment “gastarbayter” are prepared by the Federation Council

Legislators wish to oblige the migrants working in Russia on private hiring, to buy special licences or the patents granting on this right. Corresponding amendments to the legislation are prepared by the Federation Council.



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