Registration at place of residence


Registration at place of residence is in accordance with Federal Law No. 109 –F3 ‘‘On the registration of foreign citizens and peoples without citizenship in the Russian Federation’’ of 18 July 2006.

Information to fill out the migration card for foreign citizens declaring their arrival:.

  1. Mmigration cards should be filled out only in Russian language in block capital letters and written legibly (samples of letters and numbers are supplied on the cards),
  2. All cards should be filled out in dark black or black-blue ink.
  3. Every line of the card should be filled in (particularly the line for last name, first name, and middle name of the foreign citizen and their inviting institution).

Categorically prohibited:
writing outside the intended space, between the lines of the blanks, or in the spaces with printed text, using notes or marks not relating to the contents of the line.
to use a colored pen or pencil instead of a black-blue or black pen to fill in blank spaces (even for draft versions), or to make corrections to lines already filled in.


Blanks are considered incorrect if the following lines are not filled out:
the foreign citizen’s last name
his/her first name
his/her nationality
his/her year of birth
his/her gender
his/her passport number and date of issue
purpose of the visit
date of entry into the Russian Federation
duration of the trip
prospective address of residence
information on the inviting institution

Date of departure (upon returning the migration card to UFMS)



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