One student asked the teacher:
- The teacher, in my company most of the key posts were occupied by relatives of the director. In order not to quarrel with them, the director, who is also the owner, often makes decisions that interfere with business. Sometimes reaches the point that the business clearly suffered from a relative.
- You spoke with him about this? - Ask the teacher.
- Once upon a time, when I first came to the firm, I tried to explain all this to master, but he ... he said that everything himself and understand that this is not my business.
- As he looked at this? - The teacher looked at students.
The student thought for a moment, remembering:
- Perhaps, as if he really did not want to talk about it.
- And you know, it's really none of your business - thinking sad Teacher said.

When we asked the first disciple to comment on this story, made us to be honest, somewhat puzzled, he flipped through his notes and said: "The teacher has repeatedly stressed that there is not a man to set up their business, and business is for people who created it."


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