It was in the era of the Kamakura (Kamakura period - the name of the period in Japanese history, the end of XII - XIV in the middle). One official crossed the river one night Nameri, and his servant accidentally dropped into the water ten mon (Mon - small coin, a penny.).

Official immediately ordered to hire people, to light the torches and find all the money. Some people, looking at it from, said:

- Grief of ten monk, he is buying torches, hires people. After all, it would cost much more expensive than ten mon.

Hearing these words, the official said:

- Yes, some people think so. Many greedy for the sake of economy. But the money spent does not disappear: they continue to walk on the light. Another thing ten mon, who drowned in a river: if we do not pick them now, they will be forever lost to the world.

That is what is called the true savings!


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